Equipment Hire

Battery Powered 14″ Compaction Plate

As U-Hire embraces the Husqvarna battery operated tools, we now introduce the LFe60 Compactor

A fully battery operated 14″ compaction plate. Low noise, low operator vibration exposure levels.
Producing zero carbon dioxide emissions, it is perfect for indoor and low ventilation areas.

  • Engine type : Honda eGX
  • Plate size : 350mm x 545mm
  • Frequency : 95Hz
  • Centrifugal force : 10.4kN
  • Weight : 88kg
  • Push Button activated
  • Includes water tank and smart water distribution system
  • 45 minutes constant compaction on a single charge
  • Charging time : 30 minutes
  • Hire includes 2 x batteries & Charger.